Sunshine Guesthouse


The Sunshine Guesthouse has 2 double rooms and is approx. 5 minutes away from the beach. It is very cozy and very familiar. 

Each room is with shower and bathroom, air conditioner, ceiling fan and a mosquitonet. (double room can also be used as a single room).

You want to make a Tour? Just let us know. We will work a nice one out with you together to a reasonable price.


We also offer Ayurveda Massage.




1 Room incl. breakfast          1 Person per night                         20 €

                                        2 People per night                         34 €


1 Room incl. Half-board        1 Person per night                         25 €

                                               2 People per night                              44 €


Transfer from the Airport Colombo to Aluthgama                            50 € (one way)


We are very happy to welcome you in our


Guesthouse Sunshine.

For booking by Email please use

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